Backyard Turtles
Tour Eight
Flipping Worms

     You probably never heard of "flipping worms" before.  It is one of our TurtleTails.com colloquilisms. Once you try it, you will be hooked. Your little hard shelled friends will be happy when you flip earthworms.

     It is finally spring as we write this and there is a light misty rain that has fallen most of the night. It was just enough rain to bring out small earthworms many of which make there way onto our blacktop driveway. When they do we "flip worms".

     Flipping worms is simply the easiest why to collect the earthworms on our driveway or other hard surfaces. It only takes a plastic plant label stick to flip them with and a container to flip them into. You never tough the worms or injure them. It could not be faster or easier. The size of the earthworm does not matter.

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     Our turtles are willing to eat them as fast as we flip them. We like to hold a few for "dry" days, but they never last long. We keep a plastic container in the garage with some soil in it as our worm box. We cut a large hole in the lid for ventilation. We also place a brick on top of the lid so that it presses down on the container more tightly to keep the worms in.

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     We will revisit this tour in the future to give you more background. For now it should get you started flipping worms.

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